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George Washington Lodge No. 820
Ancient Free & Accepted Masons

under the American Canadian Grand Lodge  United Grand Lodges of Germany

Zhd. Gashthaus Schleppi
Saarbrucker 80
66901 Schonenberg-Kubelberg


Well I know there was lots of information presented to you, but we wanted to make sure that you understand what the fraternity or craft is all about.

We hope we were able to satisfy your curiosity.

but Remember .....

As you have seen, many people became masons for their own particular reasons, but I thought it would be appropriate at this time to put these articles of why the following persons joined the fraternity

Why I became A Mason - A Short Talk Bulletin written by Steward M. L. Pollard

Why I Became a Mason - Short sentences by religious leaders on why they became masons

But before you proceed forward, if you are married, we recommend that you discuss your decision about joining with "your lady" and your children as we strongly believe that Freemasonry is a family affair.  The following message is addressed to your lady.

We say that it is "A Family Affair" because even though the Blue Lodge is the bed-rock of the Masonic family, yet there are several appendant organizations which a Mason's family members can join to share many more of their common interests and activities.  

Family-oriented activities include a range of social and entertainment programs, family outings, and community service projects, as well as numerous occasions for statewide or regional travel.

Among the appendant groups for adults, both men and women may be welcome as members, but women typically hold the principal offices. These groups include, among others, the Order of the Eastern Star, Order of Amaranth, and Ladies Oriental Shrine.

Groups for young people build self-esteem and prepare them for citizenship through successful experience with responsibility and leadership. Masonic youth groups include the Order of Rainbow for Girls, the Order of Job's Daughters for young women, and the Order of DeMolay for young men.

With many opportunities for growth and friendship, these family-centered groups typically develop active social calendars, so the "Masonic family" truly is a family affair.

so finally, How Do You Join

To conclude some inspirational thoughts of When is A Man A Mason and some Masonic Poetry written by Masons.

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