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George Washington Lodge No. 820
Ancient Free & Accepted Masons

under the American Canadian Grand Lodge  United Grand Lodges of Germany

Zhd. Gashthaus Schleppi
Saarbrucker 80
66901 Schonenberg-Kubelberg


Many people ask what is Freemasonry? What is the big deal? How do I become a Freemason? 

Most Freemasons have a difficult time with this type of question. Freemasonry is a complex subject and certainly deserves more than a simple sentence or two, so most Freemasons tend to be tongue tied over what to say. They have difficulty expressing the depth of their feelings in a way that makes sense to the person asking the question.

In general, Freemasonry has been characterized as a fraternity devoted to high ideals and admirable benevolence whereby community service and charitable work are, in fact, principal Masonic activities.

Over the years hundred of articles and writings has been written that express the essence of freemasonry. 

The following articles below best describe what Freemasonry is and what it means to a Freemason.

Short Introduction of What is Freemasonry

"What is Freemasonry" A page put together from multiple sources regarding the "craft"

A speech about "What is Freemasonry" given by MWB Jeffrey O. Nations, Past Grand Master and RWB Phillip G. Elam, Past Grand Orator from the Grand Lodge of A.F.& A.M. of Missouri regarding 

After you read the above articles regarding "What is Freemasonry" about, below will explain Freemasonry's

Mission, What Do We Do and What Do We Get in Return

Principles, and Fundamentals, Beliefs and Teachings

Lastly here is a pamphlet which was written by our Grand Lodge titled "Approaching The Portals" which explain very well what Freemasonry is and Freemasonry in Germany, and how is organized before we continue with the following section that will deal with its origins.

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