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George Washington Lodge No. 820
Ancient Free & Accepted Masons

under the American Canadian Grand Lodge  United Grand Lodges of Germany

Zhd. Gashthaus Schleppi
Saarbrucker 80
66901 Schonenberg-Kubelberg


George Washington Educational Database Help File





Component Function
<< go to first record
< go to previous record
> go to next record
>> go to last record
Search Index uses the string entered in the "Search String" input box to search all records in the selected index for words with an exact match (case insensitive). The index is chosen in the Index drop down list. This is the default action after entering a search string in the input box and pressing the enter key
Search All uses the string entered in the "Search String" input box to search all records (also non-indexed) for a match (also parts of words, case insensitive). Much slower than Search Index
Show All displays all the records. Can be used after a subset of records were retrieved by a search or filter event. Does the same as selecting the "all" category in the Filter drop down box.
Select All toggle the selection of records in the current result set for printing. Selected records are marked by a black square in the third left column. Selected records can be printed to a new browser window by clicking the print button. Records can be individually selected/deselected by clicking with the mouse in the third left column of the data grid.
Help launch the document indicated by the HELP_DOC parameter - THAT IS THIS DOCUMENT
About shows information about the this database Applet.
Sort choice box selects the field used to sort the records in descending order. Works on all the visible fields in the data set (also non-indexed fields). This can be slow with large data sets
Index Choice Box selects an INDEXED field to use with the Search Index button. This search should be used for fast searches and works well even on very large data sets. If a field name with three trailing dots is selected the indexed words of this field is shown in the Filter list box.
Search String input field used to input search strings for the Search Index and Search All buttons.
Filter list box keywords used to filter the records. Typically this is words dividing the data set in categories.

Data Grid Features.

In order for the keys to take action the grid must have the focus. It gets the focus by clicking at the grid. In some UNIX browsers the keys does not work

Event Function
Click in the left column (row numbers) selects the current record and display details for this record in the top text window.
Click in the third column from the left toggle selection of individual records for printing
Click on a data field selects the specified field and displays the data of the field in the top text window. If the field is of type URL or IMAGE a document or image is displayed
Home Key  go to first record
End Key  go to last record
Page Up Key  go to page up
Page Down Key  go to page down
Up key  go to previous record
Down Key  go to next record
Right Key  go to next field
Left Key  go to previous field


About the database


This database is a multiple purpose java database applet. It is easy for the user to browse and search in data records with this database. If the data records contain images, online documents or addresses, the user can view the images, go to the documents or start the e-mail program (Not all browsers support this feature) with a single click in the data grid.

This database does not require server side applications such as CGI scripts. Due to security restrictions applets cannot write to the server without communicating with a server side application. Therefore this database can only be used to view data, it cannot update or edit data.

Applets are programs running within the web browser. This feature makes this database a powerful user interface to your database which runs on all platforms across the internet or intranet. The browser contains a java virtual machine (JVM), which interprets the byte code in the applet's class files. This database is using the java API version 1.0.2, which is the standard java API in most popular browsers. This database has been tested with Netscape 3.0 and higher versions of Netscape on Windows 95, Windows 98 and Unix platforms, and it has been tested with Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 and higher versions Microsoft Internet Explorer. 

This database starts up when the HTML document that contains the applet is loaded in the browser. When the applet's class files are loaded a clickable image button is displayed in the document. You decide which image should be used as image button. The data file is loaded in a background process (thread). If the user clicks the image button before the data file is completely loaded a progress bar pops up and displays the progress in loading the data. If the data is completely loaded when the user clicks the image button a data grid pops up. The applet can be configured to automatically show the data grid when the data is completely loaded. The applet can also be configured to display a password dialog before showing the data grid.

The pop up window contains a data grid and tool bars with buttons, drop down choice boxes and a list box. The functions are explained below. 

When the user navigates away from the document which contains this database, the applet disposes most of its resources including the data. Only the small part of the applet which displays the image button is not disposed. The applet is disposed in order not to occupy the client's computer resources more than necessary. If the client decides to go back to the document that contains this database applet, it will load much faster the second time, because the class files and the data are kept in the browser cache.

This database has been tested with more than 10.000 records. The Sort and Search all functions begin to work slowly at approximately 1000 records.

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